Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Republic of Kenya

Ministry of Energy

Nuclear Electricity Project Committee

Logo Competition

The Nuclear Electricity Project Committee was established under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy through The Kenya Gazette Notice No. 14188 of 26th November, 2010. 

Its purpose is to realize Kenya’s Vision 2030 and to fast track development of Nuclear Electricity in order to enhance the production of affordable and reliable electricity generation sources.

Towards this end, the NEPC is working to ensure that 25% of the country’s electricity is generated through Nuclear Energy by 2030 translating to 4000MW of the projected demand of 16000MW.

The vision of NEPC is to provide affordable, reliable, safe and secure nuclear electricity for Kenyans.

NEPC requires a logo and motto that will capture and symbolize the Committee’s mandate and vision. The logo competition is open to individuals and firms/companies in Kenya. 

The following are the guidelines, rules and regulations for the competition:

1. The design should be in black and white and in high resolution colour. It should be submitted in 10 hard copies on A3 or A4 size paper and/or in PDF, JPEG or TiFF soft copy in a windows readable C.D.

2. The logo must be clear and distinctly identifiable for effective application on all project materials, website and other relevant platforms.

3. Entrants in the competition should provide their names, postal address, e-mail address and day-time telephone number.

4. The design shall be accompanied by a written description of its meaning and features.

5. The design of either the winning entry or any other submission may be subject to necessary
modification and be used in designing the NEPC’s logo.

6. The Committee shall reserve the right to register the winning logo as its copyright.

7. Any material, graphic software or other items prepared by an entrant in the competition shall belong to and remain the property of NEPC.

8. The judges’ decision is final and will not be open to any correspondence or appeal whatsoever.


The jury will select the winning logos which will be awarded in order of merit

1st position Ksh. 150,000

2nd position Ksh. 50,000

3rd position Ksh. 25,000

The designs which shall be presented in plain sealed envelopes and clearly marked “NEPC LOGO COMPETITION” should be delivered on or before 24th February 2012 at 5 p.m to the address below.

Director, Publicity and Advocacy
Nuclear Electricity Project Committee
6th Floor, Reinsurance Plaza

Tel Nos. 0705186646 / 0722165605