Friday, April 4, 2014

Why You Should Choose the Right Internship!!


When I was about to graduate I had to do an internship in order to fulfill the requirement for a degree -that ka piece of paper you that gave you sleepless nights reading for exams and cats or on the flipside worrying about not having read. Getting it was not easy and I remember calling in favours from several people who ended up disappointing me. I was desperate to get a placement and was willing to work anywhere.

 I’ve had several discussions with friends of mine about their experiences during internships and most of the time they aren't positive. Well, I finally got an internship and grabbed it without thinking twice. Just like my friends, it wasn’t a good experience. Since then, I graduated and I’m currently job hunting, I have become a serial intern bidding my time while hoping for the perfect opportunity so I've racked up quite a few internships under my belt.