Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Reasons to Quit Your Current Job / Employer

The decision to look for a new job should be strategic and carefully analyzed. When you are searching for a lucrative deal with another organization the following points will help you consider if you’re ready to quit your current job.

1. Underutilization of talent: If you feel that you have an enormous talent and the organization does not give you a chance to explore your talent as it does not create room for initiative and innovativeness then it’s a high time to move on and find one that will. You might want to take up challenges that will enable you use your skills but the management does not provide them.

2. Passion for the job: doing what you like increases your efficiency and effectiveness at the work place. In most cases people who work because they have to and not because they like their job end up with high stress levels and underperform their duties. If you’re not passionate about your job look for one that you’re passionate about.

Office Romance - Sex and Work

“Welcome to the good life”, these were the first words Evans curled out of his mouth as we popped a bottle of  champagne to celebrate my new breakthrough which was a shot at employment. I was employed as a supply chain assistant manager at a local fleet management company and like everyone who’s coming off unemployment I thought my problems were over, not knowing they had just began.

At the office it was business as usual and everything was running smooth until one day when we got a memo that saying our boss would no longer be working with us as he had been deployed to the regional office and we’ll be having a new one at the headquarters. After a few days we were all called to the boardroom to welcome the new boss and from the very first sight of her I knew she spelt trouble. Dressed in a kinky short dress that exposed her fine curved legs and a tight blouse that showed part of her cleavage narrowing all the way down to the breath of her thin waistline, I knew I had to hold it together even if it meant seeking divine intervention as I didn’t want to be on record as the shortest serving employee.

Pharmacist Vacancy

Our client in the Hospital Industry is in need of a Pharmacist who will provide efficient service to in and out patients and other Hospital Departments.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Ensure compliance with doctors’ prescriptions and provide accurate and full information to patients on their medications and interaction.
  • Check prescriptions for accuracy and suitability and to contact the prescribing doctor to resolve any problems.
  • Provide drug and acute care information to doctors, staff and patients as maybe required.
  • Comply with all legislations and M.P. Shah Hospital policy requirements on drugs.
  • Follow laid down drug control safety systems and procedures in all transactions.

SEO Writing Jobs

We are a medium sized company looking to fill two positions of SEO writers

If you have a passion for writing and can creatively display your passion, then this is the perfect position for you. 

Only candidates who fulfill the following requirements will be contacted:

  • Must have excellent grammar. If you cannot write good English do not bother to apply
  • Must have a reliable internet connection
  • Must be willing to write a minimum of five to eight articles per day