Thursday, December 5, 2013

Am I Underpaid? - Salary Woes

Finding out that you're the lowest paid person on your team even though you do the same (or more!) work than your colleagues is a pretty discouraging discovery. If you do find out, you should definitely bring it up to your manager or if you think they're sympathetic and can do something about it. How you do it, however, is what makes the difference between better pay or a dismissal letter.
If you've found out that you're underpaid, it's likely either because someone else you work with told you, or because you did the research yourself and found that the average salary for your role at your company—or in the industry as a whole—is higher than what you're making. Now it's time to do a little homework.

Are You Really Underpaid?

The first thing you shouldn't do with this information is assume that because you're making less than your colleagues that you're underpaid. You'll need more evidence than that if you go to your manager, so before you get too angry do a little digging.

Intracom Sales and Marketing Manager Vacancy

Job Title: Sales & Marketing Manager   

Job Summary: The Sales & Marketing Manager will provide a link between the pre-sales engineers and clients by holding meetings and grooming them in understanding, selling and managing complex IT solutions. 

The Sales & Marketing Manager will ensure consistent and profitable growth in sales of IT solutions and revenues through coming up with positive plans and strategies, deployment and management of sales personnel. 
Roles & Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of this work function will include:
  • Set objectives, goals and targets that pre-sales engineers will be required to reach at the end of each week, month and year or on quota basis.
  • Establish plans, and strategies on how to achieve the current sales dimensions and forecasted sales.
  • Monitor each sales engineer's daily performance and comparing it with the set objectives through coaching, counselling, advising, supporting, motivation or offering information they need in order to help them meet their targets.