Saturday, October 1, 2011


"Kenyan Jobs" has become a common phrase in the Kenyan Advertisement Environment.Finding Jobs is one of the greatest problem faced by young Kenyans fresh out of University and in dire need of    employment.
In Kenya,emphasis has been highly placed on education as a factor for attaining success.
Unfortunately while people search out different career paths with the main focus being on attaining one of the high paying jobs,the reality remains that job creation in Kenya does not go hand in hand with need for jobs or employment.

Graduate numbers are very high and jobs too less thus a very good number of Kenyans are rendered jobless for longer spells.
Is success in Kenya the only significant thing a Kenyan Job has to offer?
This question has lingered over me for a long time now I only so it best to share a few of my thoughts.
A job is handy in:

  • first,to attain monetary return in the form of Kenyan Currency
  • Gain valuable experience that will prove necessary to be considered for other jobs
  • JumpStart your career so as to determine the path you wish to follow
  • To Start off Investments in Kenya or other areas
As an alternative most Kenyans are opting to venture into businesses rather than wait for jobs that might never arrive.While this is highly commendable,the question then becomes how do you get money to conduct such a venture??