Monday, January 9, 2012


VSF Germany is an international Non Governmental Organization, providing humanitarian aid and development assistance to pastoralists and vulnerable communities in areas where livestock is of importance. In the region,VSF Germany implements activities in Southern Sudan, Northern Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.
With support in animal health, agriculture, marketing, food safety, drought responses and mitigation, but also developing the capacity of communities and governmental institutions or initiating peace and conflict resolution we work towards food security and strengthened livelihoods of pastoralist communities.
VSF Germany seeks to recruit a qualified Internal Auditor to support in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and key internal controls within the organization. This position is based at the regional office in Nairobi.

Key responsibilities:
• Take overall responsibility for the organization’s Internal Audit function in relation to compliance, internal control effectiveness and reporting standards.
• Monitor project implementation in accordance with Grant Agreements including reporting timelines.
• Develop and implement an annual internal audit work plan.
• Monitor progress on the implementation of the plans and provide regular and promote feedback on findings, including the endorsement of agreed recommendations.
• Disseminate best practice identified from individual audits and other sources such as professional journals including donor newsletters.
• Provide in-house training on donor regulations and best practices.
• Introduce, review and implement audit policy & procedures.
• Carry out any internal investigations and document recommendations
• Work with external auditors in strengthening internal control systems from recommendations and
opinions shared.
• Carry out spot checks and test the inventory management system.
• Co-ordinate internal audit activities
• Carry out systems and risk-based audit.
• Facilitate the continuous development of and monitor the effectiveness of the risk management function of the organization including documenting and communicating identified risks.
• Prepare timely internal audit reports and review implementation.
• Institutionalize IT auditing and governance.