Monday, November 5, 2012

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports - Instructors Vacancies

  • Advert No. 1/2012
  • Posts: One Thousand, One Hundred And Five (1,105)
  • Terms of Service: Three (3) Years Contract
  • Salary: Kshs.15,000 p.m.
Technical Fields/Disciplines:
  • Motor Vehicle Technology
  • Information Communication and Technology (ICT)
  • Fashion Design and Garment Making Technology
  • Building Technology (Masonry)
  • Appropriate Carpentry and Joinery
  • Electrical/Electronics Technology
  • Metal Processing Technology

End Month and The Kenyan Fascination Around It

On the 29th day of every month of a work calendar the employees in an office set up always seem to have a permanent smile as if the edges of their mouths were tapped to their ears. These serves as a reprieve after the long wait 28 days of turmoil and monotony of their so called professional careers. However not all employees can afford even a slight grin on their faces because some them all that it means is a low pay check almost going blank. The reason behind it is that they simply could not stand spending on their exemplary luxurious life and addictions to substances in life and therefore had to take advanced loans from the workplace, friends, shylocks and financial lending institutions a few days after their first pay check. While others get fat checks and smile all the way to the bank they wish that the dreaded end month could be scrapped from the working calendar as this reminds them of how they did poor budgeting and incurred expenses they would have otherwise avoided.

Choosing Entertainment as a Career Choice

Entertainment is one of the largest growing industries here in Kenya and the world over. Gone are the days when one would view entertainment as just a plus to education as it has helped build a lot of people’s careers who would have otherwise been out in the cold waiting for someone to employ them. Entertainment is a way of life rich in diversity and the route one chooses to follow in entertainment to build his or her career highly depends on his roots or beliefs he has prescribed to with the modern trends.

It’s highly evident that the entertainment scene has witnessed a number of successful people who have taken it as a career and also its fair share of flawed acts that lack dynamism and have stuck at the same position they were 10 years ago. When one opts to take entertainment as a career, the cream of the matter is to have fun and at the same time make others have fun. From the now all famous phrase ‘you should not get high on your own supply”, an entertainer for instance a deejay or a musician cannot play or compose songs that he likes but what gets the crowd going or rather a comedian cannot crack and laugh at his own jokes, it sounds absurd. We have

Director Of Criminal Investigations Job Vacancy (CID)

The National Police Service Commission

Vacancy in the Position of Director of Criminal Investigations

Pursuant to the Constitution, particularly Articles 10; 232; 243; 246(3) and Chapter Six and Sections 28, 29 and 30 of the National Police Service Act, 2011 , the NPSC seeks to recruit a Director of Criminal Investigations who satisfies the provisions of the Constitution and those of the National Police Service Act, 2011 and the additional criteria below. 

The Director of Criminal Investigations shall, in the performance of the functions and duties of office, be responsible to the Inspector General and shall be the chief executive officer of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations responsible for implementing the decisions of the Inspector-General;
efficient administration of the Directorate; the day-to-day administration and management of the affairs of the Directorate and the performance of such other duties as may be assigned by the Inspector General, the NPSC, or as may be prescribed by the National Police Service Act, 2011 , or

IEBC clerks and Assistant Returning Officers Temporary Vacancies

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)
Temporary Jobs

Voter Registration for Kenyans Residing Outside Kenya

Assistant Registration Officers / Assistant Returning Officers (AROs)

Assistant Registration Officers (AROs) outside Kenya will be responsible to a Returning Officer who will be based in Nairobi.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • The registration of all Kenyans residing abroad who hold a valid Kenyan passport;
  • Collation, collection of Kenya’s Diaspora voters data by use of BVR and forward to the returning officer in Kenya;
  • Link up with other Kenyan authorities in the Kenya’s mission in the identification of legally registered Kenyans residing abroad;

IEBC Support Election Trainers Vacancies in Kenya

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)
Temporary Jobs

Support Election Trainers (SETs)

The SETs will assist the Returning Officer in carrying out all forms of electoral training.

Duties and responsibilities
  • To implement the electoral training plans developed by the Commissions headquarters;
  • To develop and distribute electoral training materials at cascaded levels;
  • To carryout actual training of the Presiding Officers their deputies with the supervision of the Returning Officers;
  • To supervise and evaluate other individuals that will be engaged in the training of clerks at lower level clusters; and