Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Safaricom Graduate management trainee jobs in Kenya.

Safaricom Graduate Management Trainee
Graduate management trainee jobs in Kenya.

Safaricom Limited is the leading mobile telecommunications company in Kenya. We are at the forefront of the industry and always seek to attract and retain talented, creative and innovative team players who are excited by the opportunity of pushing the frontiers of this evolving technology, growing our services, exciting our customers and contributing to our community. We are looking for inspired, intelligent, innovative and confident graduates who are ready to bring independent thinking whilst working collectively with different teams.We will enroll you into our accelerated Safaricom Discover Program to develop you to an exceptional global standard of excellence into an all-rounder, who understands the Safaricom business strategy, key revenue drivers, business processes, work dynamics and culture. We will present you with opportunities to work on challenging assignments that will open you up to new ideas and enable you identify new ways of doing things. We will set you up to deliver results, drive innovative business improvement and craft and share creative business Ideas.



Reporting to the Assigned Coach, the graduate management program Trainee will actively participate in the accelerated Safaricom Discover Program in order to achieve a high level of competence, thereby acquiring