Saturday, October 20, 2012

Enterpreneurship Vs Employment - The Better Choice

The relation between employment and entrepreneurship can be termed as an occurrence in ambiguity. There are cases where employment is the major cause of lack of entrepreneurship and other cases where the latter is responsible for reduction in unemployment.
Over 70% of the youth in Kenya are employed in informal private sectors or have started their own businesses, the reason as to why they wouldn’t want to be employed is because of long working hours, poor conditions, job security and low wages as opposed to the informal sector, where working hours can be regulated, there is job security, working conditions are improved and wages depend on ones productivity.

Interview Dress Code - Do's and Donts

There are a number of dress codes that are considered standard for various kinds of interviews depending on the profession or the career path one wants to follow. A sharp, professional, clean look helps the candidate create a first and lasting impression to the employer and creates a strong point that may help him secure the job. Outlined below are some of the key points to consider for both men and women when dressing for a formal interview:
The suit can be defined in terms of color, the fabric and style. A navy blue, grey or black suit at the least should do whether they are pine striped, plain or solid. Dark colors portray seriousness and brings out that conservative look.
The fabric should be pure cotton or a blend with cotton dominating, because cotton breathes and this enables comfort .The pants and jackets should have linings as this will reduce creases and abrasions between the thighs and the pants.
The style consists of whether its single breasted or double depending on the fashion of the day but all the same it should be buttoned up except for the last bottom button.
ü  The shirt should be complete cotton, with light colors and should not be too tight around the neck.
ü  The tie should complement your suit and be in contrast with your shirt so that it stands out. Silk