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B3 - 00050863
Primary Location: KE-Nairobi
Job Type: Permanent
Posting Range: 19/08/2011 - 04/09/2011
Job Purpose
Reporting to the Premises Manager, the purpose of the role is to provide technical support to Barclays
Bank of Kenya for the design, development, management and security of the business capital assets in
particular, Bank's land, premises, plant, machinery, equipment, furniture and fittings.
Preparation of and monitoring of all property related business cases in Barclays Bank of Kenya, to ensure
consistency of approach, design guidelines and implementation of Barclays Africa requirements.
Principal responsibility will be Quantity Survey Work for all Building projects.
Technical Skills/ Competencies
• Service excellence
• People management, both from a staff and customer perspective
• Analytical thinking
• Communication, verbal and written
• Decision making
• Negotiation skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Influencing skills
• Business focus
• Managing relationships
• Good Project Management disciplines and best practice
• Detailed knowledge of statutory and legal obligations relation to Property.
• Awareness of best practice budgeting and corporate planning process
• In-depth knowledge of building construction processed in Kenya
• Detailed knowledge of Bank's standards and policy on property, premises Design and
accommodation in line with Design Guidelines
• At least one year hands - on experience in Quantity Survey in a reputable institution
• Qualification in the fields of Building Economics, Quantity Surveying, Basic Architectural design and
Services Engineering, Estate Management.
• Detailed property/construction market knowledge and understanding covering; market drivers,
materials, trends and technology.
• Commercial knowledge and skills covering technical procurement skills and market/supply
management tools/techniques.
• Professional Training being offered at Public Universities e.g. Degree in Building Economics or
Quantity Surveying.
• Registered with Proffessional Registration Board.
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B1 - 00049684
Primary Location: Kenya

Job Type: Temp/ Contractor (Payroll)
Posting Range: 15/08/2011 - 14/09/2011
Salary & Benefits: Internal
Purpose of the role:
To provide a counter service, local currency and basic international to Bank customers and other members
of the public and administration support within the outlet
Key responsibilities and approximate time split:
Sales and Service 85/95%
• Cashing of cheques, travellers cheques, and withdrawals
• Process both cash and cheque deposits/credits
• Purchase and sale of foreign currencies
• Answer general customer enquiries
• Process Night Safe wallets
• Complete marketing and other lead slips
• Issue Bank Drafts
• Handle Open Safe Custody transactions
• Referral of vouchers over specified amounts to Chief/First Cashier for authorisation
• Balance cash in own till
• Groom vouchers for onward processing at the central processing unit or back-office
• Limited cross-selling of bank products and services
• Provide referral services to the customers on bank products
Business Management 5/10%
General care of counter equipment
May record details of cash and cheques paid in other Bank credits and charge counter fee
Provide administration support within the outlet
Staff Management 5/10%
May be required to assist in the training of new cashiers
Skills required to undertake the role:
• Basic Numeracy
• Basic Keyboard skills to operate a counter terminal
• Tact when dealing with difficult or angry customers
• Basic courtesy to determine customer needs
• Good oral communication
Knowledge of the Bank's products, services and policies and/ or other specialist knowledge required to
undertake the role:
• An awareness of the full range of the bank's products and services
• Good working knowledge of relevant Customer systems e.g. BRAINS, Winfos and counter
• Detailed understanding of the bank teller operation procedures
• Good knowledge of Bank's internal systems
Other requirements specific to the role:
• Thoroughness
• Courtesy
• Alertness
Training likely to assist effectiveness in the role and may have been completed prior to undertaking this
• Barclays Induction Course
• Cashier's/Teller's Training Course
• Customer Service Courses
Additional details of exceptional aspects of the demands of the role:
• An eye for detail to detect suspicious transactions
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