Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Kenyan Jobs/Jobs in Kenya who actually benefits from them?...Most Kenyans are wondering why I ask such a question.Recently a friend of mine decided to venture into his own business venture.This normally doesnt raise eyebrows with me but on this particular day it actually dawned on me that maybe finding jobs in Kenya might be that hard.I decided to do my own research and this are my findings:-
Most Kenyan Jobs are advertised in the Kenyan Newspapers such as the Daily Nation and East African Standard.Per copy would range between 50-60 kshs,while posting an application for a particular job advert would add the expense to over 150kshs.

Owing to increasing internet access more jobs are being advertised online in places such as the Kenyan Jobs blog known as http://dailykenyanjobs.blogspot.com and kenyancareer.com etc.
But unfortunately this still does not reach the masses who still view the internet as an expensive commodity in Kenya. last but not least I guess the worst cause is corruption and tribalism which decide on who get Jobs in Kenya and who remains home. So i pose the question,if education is supposed to uplift us and still we find no jobs while we see them advertised,then who really benefits from the Kenyan Jobs??? Yes we need more jobs in Kenya,or simply reduction in uncouth ways